Minutes of Club Meetings

March 2014 Monthly Meeting Minutes

Prez John Bartle called the assembled to order at MJ’s for the monthly confab. Business was essentially limited to reporting of race results and mention of the ‘vintage’ kit auction to follow.

Violet Crown had a very good opening to the road season. Former VC junior and current Rapha Condor JLT professional Kristian House won the general classification at the Iris Stegner Memorial Stage Race in Mineral Wells by taking a decisive victory in the individual time trial and securing podium spots in the circuit race (3rd) and road race (2nd), respectively. VC continued to show excellent form with a sweep of the podium at the Pace Bend 35+ 4/5 race. Ken Hubacher took the win, with Dan Piercy and Greg Kashishian rounding out the silverware looters. At La Primavera Day 1 (Saturday), Ken Hubacher capitalized on his early-season legs by grabbing 2nd in 35+ 4/5. The month was punctuated by other strong rides in various events by Brad Houston, Frank Kurzawa, Steve Gilbert, Bill Neale, Sam Eells, Steve Hudson, Don Bergman, Ken Greene, Scot Morris, David Wolfe, Mike Haney, Chris Thibodeau, and Joe Haas. For complete race results, go to http://www.txbra.org/results14/ .

Mention was made of Andrew Tilin’s latest article for Outside magazine. The piece details Andrew’s personal wrangles with emotional sucker punches and the role played by cycling with Gruppo VOP and Violet Crown in helping Andrew regain balance and reset the compass. Read Andrew’s excellent piece here: http://www.outsideonline.com/fitness/biking/The-Flat-Tire-Project.html .

Robbie Brennan of Mellow Johnny’s detailed a few deals for VC members, including specials on tires, Stages power meters, Trek bikes, and Garmin 810 GPS systems.

Trez Andy Austin stepped up to the podium and auctioned off the lion’s share of all NOS Violet Crown kit of various vintages still in inventory. Jerseys, bibs, shorts, warmers, socks, gloves, gilets (that’s ‘vests’ for the rest of y’all) flew out the door for ridiculously low prices. Bargains were had by all.

April’s meeting will take place on Monday the 7th at 6:30 at the Flying Saucer in the Triangle (North Lamar @ 47th Street). Be there.

Until whenever, remember to obey the rules.

El Escritor

February 2014 Monthly Meeting Minutes

Newly-installed VC president John Bartle welcomed members and guests to the Flying Saucer’s sumptuous convention space for February’s monthly meeting. He urged all in attendance to check out the replay of the just-completed cyclocross world championships online. Marianne Vos of the Netherlands, to no one’s surprise, thoroughly dominated the elite women’s event, while the Czech Republic’s Zdenek Stybar pulled something of an upset among the elite men by winning his third world title, this time emerging victorious in a tense battle with odds-on favorite and defending world champion Sven Nys in Nys’s home country of Belgium. You can see the replay here.

John brought rider reimbursement checks for the second half of 2013 and distributed them at the meeting; he also reiterated the club’s rider reimbursement policy to the membership in attendance and reminded members that the policy is posted on the VC website here.

John announced ongoing revisions to the makeup of the VC board of directors, including an increase in the number of executive committee (voting) positions from the current (gang of) 4 to a larger odd number, likely 9, possibly more. The idea is to increase member participation directly in club governance, operations, and decision-making, moving things in a marginally more democratic and less Maoist direction.

Newly appointed club webmaster Tom Linehan put out a call for website content (stories, race reports, blog posts, videos, etc.) to include photographs whenever possible.

Race results from the first of the year included a podium finish (3rd, 50+) for Doug Allen (riding for VC sponsor ROL Wheels) at the Megan Baab Memorial Road Race at Copperas Cove. Lift a pint to VC rouleur emeritus Greg Hall, who surfaced momentarily from a deserved retirement to place 6th in the same category. Greg’s entry claimed an affiliation with VC-offshoot squad Velvet Couch. Other solid rides were turned in over the course of the month by Scot Morris, Dan Piercy, Weston Giunta, Bill Neale, Carey Jung, Joe Haas, Mike Haney, Bryce Billing, Brandon McKinney, and Sam Eells. For complete-ish race results (while TXBRA finishes tweaking their website) see TXBRA’s results page.

John encouraged interested riders to check out the registration lottery for Ride the Rockies, a 7-day, 473-mile gran fondo/tour/race/event from Boulder to Golden, Colorado, held June 7 through 13.

Guest speakers at the February meeting were VC sponsors John and Norma Bandy from Austin Holistic Health. John is a kinesiologist and former competitive cyclist with long experience with both the joys and the unintended consequences of adult athletic endeavors, especially the masochistic pursuits of distance running and cycling. John’s presentation was derived from his article “Exercise is Bad for You,” and while ostensibly tongue-in-cheek, his talk was intended to make riders – particularly Masters-level cyclists and other aging endurance athletes – pause and think about the physiological changes they will experience and especially the resulting ramifications to their health. John’s other health and diet articles can be found here, and his cycling-specific articles here.

John’s wife Norma, a long-time recreational cyclist and Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration-trained Rolfer, spoke briefly regarding her experiences with high-mileage riding and recovery and explained the structural integration, balance optimization, and ‘fasciatic unbinding’ aspects of the form of deep-tissue manipulation known as Rolfing. For more information contact Austin Holistic Health.

The March monthly meeting will be at Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop, 4th and Nueces, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. The folks at MJ’s will chat with us about new products, etc. The shop will be open for business for paid-up VC members, who will of course be eligible for a 20% discount on all purchases except complete bicycles. See you there. And remember: Obey the rules!

Hasta whenever –

El Escritor

January 2014 Monthly Meeting Minutes

· There was a strong turnout at the Flying Saucer for the January meeting. The first order of ‘business’ was distribution of kit (base layers and all uncollected preorders) and leftover swag from the Webberville State Cyclocross Championships. This set a festive tone on a chilly night.

· Outgoing president Andy Austin spoke to the immediate points of business, namely, election of officers for 2014. The announced slate of candidates – Carey Jung, president-elect; Kurt Bauer, Secretary; Andy Austin, Treasurer – were elected by the membership unopposed. John Bartle, 2013 president-elect, was installed as 2014 president. Andy also announced the ‘appointed’ members of the VC board – IT administrator Bryce Billing; webmaster Tom Linehan; sponsor liaison Weston Giunta; TXBRA liaison Jay Bond; clothing czar Carey Jung; bicycling advocate TBD (since filled by Doug Ballew – KB 1/28/14).

· Andy announced VC’s official list of sponsors for 2014: Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop, with a revised discount schedule of 20% on all equipment except bicycles all the time for paid-up VC members (rather than the once-per-quarter 30% sale night), 20% discount on parts and 10% discount on labor for service, and a “broadened” bike discount scheme still to be finalized; Bradley Houston Law; Dawson-Lupul Builders; Elgin-Butler Architectural Materials; Crumpton Cycles; Violet Crown Realty; Austin Holistic Health; and ROL Wheels, who continue to offer a 25% discount to VC members.

· John Bartle reported on the success of the club’s promotion of the State Skills-Based Cyclocross Championships: great weather; 221 participants; enthusiastic response to the course and the event; budget of $5500, revenue of approximately $8000. John and Andy thanked the sponsors: Mellow Johnny’s , Brad Houston Law, Holland Racing, Team $uper Awesome, Linda Craig Massage, Pissei, and Mark Hardwick Oil & Gas.

· Andy, in Jay Bond’s absence, covered race results for December and the state ‘cross events:

Bikesport CX Challenge:

Podium spots for John Bartle (2nd) and Chris Thibodeau (3rd) in 60+

Good rides from David Wolfe and Jamie Mitchell in 50+

Terra ‘Cross:

Chris Thibodeau 2nd in 60+

Strong performance from Jamie Mitchell in 50+

Texas Tough Day 1:

John Bartle 2nd in 60+

Big rides by David Wolfe, Jamie Mitchell, and Andy Austin in 50+ and prodigal former VC junior Bertram Jernejcic (787 Racing) in 3/4

Texas Tough Day 2:

Brave rides from Bryce Billing in both 3/4 and 4/5, Jamie Mitchell in 50+, and Chris Thibodeau in 60+

Resolution ‘Cross Cup Day 1:

Chris Thibodeau 2nd in 60+

Big performance by Bryce Billing in 4/5

Resolution ‘Cross Cup Day 2:

Strong showing by Chris Thibodeau

Texas Skills-Based CX Championships:

Jurgen Gruber – Bronze Medal in Cat 5

Gutsy rides by Martin Milliken in Cat 4 and Andy Austin in Cat 5; Andy’s perseverance after losing a chain in Cat 5, coupled with Jurgen’s medal-worthy performance, resulted in VC winning the team competition in Cat 5

Texas Age-Based CX Championships:

Big showings by David Wolfe and Jay Bond in 50+ and John Bartle and Chris Thibodeau just off the podium in 60+

For full results, go to http://www.txbra.org/results14/

· The Rule 5 HTFU Award (http://www.velominati.com/the-rules/) goes to Carey Jung for his precipitous weight loss following a fasting regime. See http://funsuffering.com/ride-fast-ride-faster/#more-39

· The January guest speaker was physical therapist Steve Cuddy, who has worked with several VC members and professional riders alike. Steve’s approach is termed “Postural Restoration,” and in a nutshell it involves addressing body alignment/misalignment issues to optimize comfort and efficiency on the bike to improve performance.

February’s Monthly Meeting is scheduled for the Flying Saucer, 815 W 47th St #100. Brews and nosh at 6:30, club business at 7:00. Be there! Visitors welcome.

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