2012 Massachusetts Senior Games by Bruce Weinberg

Triple Podium for VC East

10K TT - 3rd

20K circuit race (two 10k loops) - 1st

40K circuit race, which was shortened to 30k, but I missed that announcement!!! - 2nd (I was wondering why folks in our small breakaway group were "surging" hard as we approached the end of the 3rd lap. No doubt I would have taken it easily if I knew that was the finish; everyone was standing while I was sitting and going along with what I thought was a surge).

When I entered this event, I thought the 20k and 40k races were going to be crits!!! Oh well. Fortunately, it wasn't too climby, maybe, 2 or 3 ups/rollers on the front side and 5 or 6 ups/rollers on the backside of the circuit.

My fun moment was my 14 minute breakaway in the 20k race. We were a touch past 1/2 way of the first circuit when someone picked up the pace a bit. I went with him as prior to that the pace felt slow and I figured the race was now "starting." About 10 seconds or so later, I heard someone in the pack shout "gap." Soon after that, the rider that I was with dropped back to the pack. I decided to keep going. I pushed it somewhat hard for 2 minutes or so and then settled into a pace that was hard, but, not overly taxing. I was caught (14 minutes later) by a small group and then we took it from there. While away, I'd thought about pushing super hard the whole way and trying to make it stick, but, I was concerned that I would blow up and not have much for the longer race. When I was caught, I integrated just fine. I had better recovery in my bones than I thought.