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In Memoriam - Bill Reams, 1961-2014

Much loved husband and father, friend, talented engineer, enthusiastic cyclist, racer, winner, club-member, teammate, former officer, wit, and all-around great guy.

Bill, a long-time Violet Crown member, passed on Sunday, March 9. He is survived by his beloved wife Linda, two wonderful children, Rachael and Ryan, and countless friends in the Austin and Denver cycling communities. Bill and his friend Ted Dunbar originated the B&TETA—Bill & Ted’s Excellent Training Adventure, now known as the Bagel Ride—in the ‘90s. He was an accomplished racer and an energetic Violet Crown officer. Many of us remember his daily Tour de France 'lanterne rouge' recaps with a laugh. Bill was a brilliant engineer, holding both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering from Georgia Tech. He owned or shared approximately twenty patents for electronic inventions. When Bill weighed in on any technical discussion about bicycles, people listened. He will be missed.

He was a good man.

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