Tommy Ketterhagen Memorial Road Race

1st place, Jim Daniels, Men’s 3/4 

3rd place, Andres Boza, Men’s 3/4

2nd place, Yen Nguyen, Women’s 4/5 A

1st place, Alex Strong, Men’s 4/5 A

2nd place, Eli Derr, Juniors’ 4/5 A

1st place, Brian Faure, Men’s 50+ 4/5 A

1st place, Paul Franco, Men’s 40+ 4/5 A

1st place, Austin Martin, Men’s 4/5 B 

Davy Crockett Classic Stage Race

1st overall, Lydia Brough, Women’s 4/5

2nd overall, Andres Boza, Men’s 3/4 

Pace Bend Road Races

1st place, Andres Boza, Saturday Men’s 3/4

2nd place, Lydia Brough, Saturday Women’s 4/5

4th place, Robyn Wiley, Saturday Women’s 4/5

1st place, Jorge Carzo-Madero, Saturday Juniors’

2nd place, Jonathan Flores, Saturday Juniors’

1st place, Robyn Wiley, Sunday Women’s 4/5

5th place, Lydia Brough, Sunday Women’s 4/5 

2nd place, Andres Boza, Sunday Men’s 3/4

3rd place, Brian Faure, Sunday Men’s 4/5

La Primavera Lago Vista

1st overall, Robyn Wiley, Women’s 3/4/novice

2nd overall, Lydia Brough, Women’s 3/4/novice

2nd place, Jorge Carzo-Madero, Sunday Men’s 4/novice

Austin Senior Games

1st place, Allen Turner, 65-69 40km road race

1st place, Don Ford, 70-74 20 km road race

2nd place, Frank Kurzawa, 65-69 20km road race

Qualified for Nationals: Allen Turner, Rich Terry, Don Ford, Frank Kurzawa

The Driveway 

2nd place, Andres Boza, 3/12 Men’s 3/4

2nd place, Brian Faure, 3/12 Men’s 4/5

1st place, Nehemiah Chow, 3/12  Juniors’

2nd place, Priscilla Chow, 3/12 Juniors’

1st place, Andres Boza, 6/18  Men’s 3/4 

3rd place, Eli Derr, 6/18 Men’s 3/4

1st place, JC Flores, 6/18 Juniors’

1st place, Eli Derr, 6/25 Men’s 3/4

1st place, JC Flores, 6/25 Juniors’

1st place, JC Flores, 7/2 Juniors’

2nd place, Omar Henry, 7/2 Men’s 4/5 

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