The "Are we there Yet" Winter Tour 2020


Every day from 12/20-1/1 we will share a route. Riders will self-organize small groups to tackle the course at their own risk. We will not share a starting time or gathering location - that is up to you! 

For Zwift rides, please follow David Comer and David Serrins from the Zwift Companion app. An optional audio bridge will be provided on Discord at


12/20 - Sunday - presented by CCG Capital and 68 Degrees Kitchen 

             incl. Zwift ride at 9 am

12/21 - Monday - presented by Dawson-Lupul Builders and Russell's Bakery

12/22 - Tuesday - presented by Houston/Fish Law and Dear Diary Coffeehouse

             incl. Zwift ride at 6 pm

12/23 - Wednesday - presented by Elgin Butler and Numero 28

12/24 - Thursday - presented by Progress Coffee and Mellow Johnny's

             incl. Zwift ride at 6 pm

12/25 - Friday - presented by PerformOX and ROL Wheels

12/26 - Saturday - presented by 68 Degrees Kitchen and Mellow Johnny's

             incl. Zwift ride at 9 am

12/27 - Sunday - presented by SLS Risk Management and Dear Diary Coffeehouse

             incl. Zwift ride at 9 am

12/28 - Monday - presented by Russell's Bakery and JJ Customz

12/29 - Tuesday - presented by Jaime's Spanish Village and Russell's Bakery

             incl. Zwift ride at 6 pm

12/30 - Wednesday - presented by Watkins Insurance and Numero 28

12/31 - Thursday - presented by JJ Customz and ROL Wheels

             incl. Zwift ride at 9 am

1/1 - Friday - presented by CCG Capital and 68 Degrees Kitchen

Have fun, be safe and share your stories!

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You are riding during a global pandemic. Riders should take steps to mitigate the risk of disease transmission on the ride. We currently recommend you ride only with members of your household. Our recommendations are based on guidance from Austin Public Health. Austin is currently in Stage 5 of their COVID-19 response measures. Bemergency order of Gov. Abbot, adults engaging in outdoor exercise within 6 ft of someone who does not live in the same household must wear a mask.

We recommend riders follow as many of the social distancing and safety measures recommended by USA Cycling as practicable. Those include taking extra caution in indoor spaces, wearing masks where possible, leaving extra space between riders, avoiding the slipstream and avoiding contact with other riders. Every step you take to reduce transmission helps reduce the risk you expose yourself and others to.


Good group ride etiquette goes even further during a pandemic. Please give extra space when passing other groups on the ride and do not join a group without first asking permission. Please be mindful and respectful of others risk-tolerance levels and help each other stay safe.

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