Winter Tour 2022


It's almost time for the 13th Annual Violet Crown Winter Tour! This year we will tackle 11 days of bike rides together. Who's going to ride all of them? Take a few days off work if possible, gather up your winter kit, and join the fun!

All weekday rides will roll from Russell's Bakery & Coffee Bar, 3339 Hancock Dr. at 9:00am sharp for 40-55 miles at a conversational winter pace, 16-17 mph on average. Please park your bike/gather on the Balcones Dr (west) side of the building. If you drive to the ride, please park your vehicle around the corner at Highland Park Elementary.

Weekend rides will be The Bagel Ride on Saturdays at 8:30 am and the Mellow Johnny's ride on Sundays with an 8:15 am rollout. Details about these two rides at

In case of inclement or really cold weather, announcements will be made to the Violet Crown members email list and the Winter Tour Facebook Event page


Stage 1: Thurs, Dec  22  Russell's Bakery & Coffee Bar 9:00am

Stage 2: Fri, Dec 23   9:00am -

Stage 3: Sat, Dec 24   8:30am -

Stage 4: Sun, Dec 25  *Christmas Day* Ride 8:15am -

Stage 5: Mon, Dec 26  Russell's Bakery & Coffee Bar 9:00am
Stage 6: Tue, Dec 27   Russell's Bakery & Coffee Bar 9:00am
Stage 7: Wed, Dec 28  Russell's Bakery & Coffee Bar 9:00am
Stage 8: Thu, Dec 29   Russell's Bakery & Coffee Bar 9:00am
Stage 9: Fri, Dec 30     Russell's Bakery & Coffee Bar 9:00am

Stage 10: Sat, Dec 31  Bagel Ride 8:30am

Stage 11: Sun, Jan 1    MJs Sunday *New Year's Day* Ride 8:15am

Have fun, be safe and share your stories!

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