The Violet Crown Women’s Race Team’s mission is to grow a local community-oriented team of women cyclists who want to learn the art of competitive bike racing. This program seeks to provide mentorship and coaching to female cyclists to better improve their cycling knowledge, fitness, and racing abilities. The end goal for the program is to help riders learn the necessary skills and confidence to compete at local, state, and regional races and enjoy team camaraderie, promote Violet Crown, and attract more women to the sport of cycling.


  • Recruit female cyclists at the USA Cycling Cat 4 / 5 level who have some road race experience
  • Establish a core team of racers
  • Create a manageable schedule for training and racing so the team can learn and thrive 
  • Sponsor team clinics, training sessions, and rides to foster cohesive teamwork 
  • Participate in local and regional races as a team 
  • Be ambassadors for the Violet Crown on and off the bike




Natalie kills with kindness, on and off her bike. She'll kindly drop everyone as she flies up a mountain or hill and she'll kindly make sure everyone feels welcome and included. She has a sincere commitment to advocating for women and making the world a better place. She's the ultimate team player and you can always count on her to have the team's interest at heart! Natalie is a gem of a cyclist and person!


Coaching is said to be about taking an athlete to a level where they cannot take themselves. Our teacher and mentor in all things cycling, Allen offers his time and experience to the team. Allen has united this group of racers, many who had never met before, from individual riders to a strong and supportive team. The sky is the limit for the ladies of Violet Crown! Thank you Allen!


Yen, the current year Violet Crown Club President and Co-Captain of the Women's Development Team, where do we start? Don't let her size fool you, Yen is a powerhouse that can be found supporting her teammates and snagging podiums at many central Texas races. Her teammates can count on her to urge them on during races with an encouraging word pushing through any challenge. She creates a culture that values the team members input. As well as generously donates her time actively supporting the club and team events. It was Yen's vision to create a Women's Development team and without her The Violets would never have evolved.


Tamra "The Hammer", rode into 2018 as a Cat 5 racer dominating the Women's 4/5 field all with perfect grace and humility. Tamra is a real team player, she executes lead outs, attacks and bridges again and again, working for her team. Her sense of humor, dedication, perseverance and love for the sport is appreciated by The Violets who look to her as a leader on the team.


Marathon runner turned bike racer, Sonya has always had endurance and dedication on the race course. She's a team player, ready to attack the peloton at any moment to support the team strategies. She trains hard, constantly growing stronger with each race. Both on and off the race course, she's ready to brighten others day with her contagious smile and humor. As a mother, friend, and teammate, she shares her positive energy and encourages those around her.


April "Our Heart" McClure races through life with true heart, grit and determination.  She has completed workouts before most open one eye in the morning.  April has been the back-bone to "The Violets" always taking on any task, including The Violets Social Media and Team Board.   April has taken CRIT racing to a whole new level for The Violets this year all while  taking care of a family and conquering the business world.  April's enthusiasm for racing is contagious and can make anyone want to ride a bike.  


Kate "Team Tactic" Thomson comes to Violet Crown Race Team with not just experience but International Racing Experience and has been a huge asset to the team.  While we could go on and on about how we just love to listen to her talk, yes she is Australian, but most importantly she is our brains behind every race.  If there is ever a question of why, how or what do we do in a race ask Kate, she is a wealth of knowledge. Not only is Kate amazingly strong and talented she is the best draft and steadiest wheel in town Emoji!  Kate is a world traveler, has a Master's in Nursing, dog lover extraordinaire and a wife to a husband who must love being chicked (sorry Andrew we had to).  The Violets wouldn't be the same without this amazing woman!


Alicia "danzing" Danze dances her way up every hill setting QOMs all over the place.  She joined the Violet Crown Race Team as a novice rider immediately flipping the switch to racer all while working on her Masters/PhD at The University of Texas.  Alicia always ask what can she do to help at the next race, simple.......SLOW DOWN!  The 2017-2018 season has proven that Alicia will be one to watch for next year, don't let that smile fool you!


Lydia "all smiles" Brough is just that, ALL SMILES!  Lydia can be racing at 30 mph or stuck on the front of a race in pain but you would never know it because she is wearing a smile!  Don't let that cute smile fool you she has the speed and endurance that one can only dream of and only recently took it to a carbon bike.  Fear is not a word in Lydia's vocabulary, she takes any hill (up or down), corner, or flat with sheer grace and pure speed. Lydia is the baby of The Violets but she is an accomplished collegiate cross country runner and mechanical engineer,currently working on her Masters at the University of Texas.  Road Racing has only seen the beginning of this smile,  LOOK OUT!


Robyn "The Wow" Wiley, Can you say AMAZING...  Robyn came to the Violets with an athletic history that goes on and on....tennis, marathons (can you say sub 3 hrs.), mountain biking and the list goes on and on.  There was absolutely no question Robyn would tackle road racing fast and she did just that.  Robyn is a fierce competitor and can corner like she is on rails.  Her determination to be her best goes not only for the road but for her family and business also.  If you've  never met Robyn check out the Violet Crown Tuesday/Thursday morning ride and I assure you will know her immediately, just try to keep up with her on the hills. 


Jackie is another newcomer to the team this year. A marathon runner who switched her focus to cycling does not disappoint her team ever. Jackie can hang with the fastest in the bunch and has the Driveway Leaders Jersey to show it. This athlete has an adventurers spirit and is currently on a 6 month expedition hiking the Appalachian trail with her husband. The Violets would not be the team we are today without the tenacity, determination and strength of this rider! We wish her much success on her travels and wait with great anticipation for her return to the team.

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