Tour de Festivus Training Camp is Almost Here!!

Violet Crown's winter training camp -- to be known affectionately this year as the Tour de Festivus -- is almost upon us. As Seinfeld fans are aware, Festivus is the holiday celebrated December 23rd each year -- it's Festivus for the Rest of Us! It includes gathering around the sacred Festivus Pole, followed by the traditional Airing of Grievances, the Festivus Dinner, and then the greatly anticipated Feats of Strength. There is also the mysterious Festivus Miracle, caused - of course - by Kramer.


So in this spirit, we offer our training camp, 15 days in length. For your Festivus pole, traditionally aluminum, you may substitute carbon fiber or titanium, and if you're really old, steel. There will be a generous Airing of Grievances, since each ride will be a ride with old guys. Feats of Strength must be performed off the back of the group. The aluminum pole will be used to beat those who perform feats of strength off the front of the group. One or more Festivus pub crawls will be substituted for Festivus dinners. Festivus miracles will occur spontaneously.

Pace is winter group, 2x2, conversational, kumbaya. If it's in the 30s or inclement weather stay tuned for ride updates. Here is the schedule:


Why Join Violet Crown?

  • High quality and professionally designed kits at deep discounts
  • Reimbursement for race and ride entry fees
  • Discount at Mellow Johnny’s – 20% on merchandise (except bikes); 10% on labor
  • Club bike deal from MJs
  • Four great weekly group rides
  • Monthly meetings with guest speakers on topics of interest to cyclists (and beer!)
  • Teammates in races
  • Private discussion group to swap information and prepare before races
  • Being part of a community of active riders and racers.

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