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As mentioned in a recent email, VC has entered into a partnership with Rothera Caps to have custom VC cycling caps made and offered to members. Rothera Caps is Gary Rothera, local cyclist and small businessman. He’s a great guy, and he makes very cool, hand-sewn cycling caps. He’s come up these two great styles, and is giving us a super price.

To order one (or two or three), just click on the “Shop” tab at the top of the page and put your order in. There is a description and more detail there. Orders for these will be open until February 15. We will then submit a consolidated order to Rothera, and they will be ready in 4-6 weeks thereafter. Support your local cycling businesses! Buy lots!!

The Gospel According to Bill

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It's always good to review the basics every now and then; to go back to the fundamentals. In that regard, we are reprinting here the wise words of our friend Bill Reams, co-founder of the Bagel Ride, as stated in his epistle on group riding. Words to live by,

"As with religion, in group rides there are those that lead a righteous life at all times. Even if they do not attend regular services, when worshiping they will help those in need and provide a wheel for the less strong. They will stop and render aid when someone suffers a mechanical. They will follow golden rules such as 'drop others only as you would have them drop you.' When they attend church, they understand that they are making a commitment to abide by the rules of the church for the duration of the service. If they are attending an Episcopal service, they stand when everyone else stands, sit when others sit, and kneel when everyone else kneels. When they go to synagogue they don their yarmulke. On a group ride they are part of the group and will follow the rules of the group to the best of their ability, and let the leader lead.

"Sadly, on group rides there are also those that think they are above the rules of the group. If they want to hammer out some heavy metal while the group is practicing piano, they feel that the group should bend to their will. If they drop the weak on the Bagel Ride before the short group turns off, they say that the weak simply need to get stronger. If someone suffers a mechanical, too bad for them, the strong are out for their own service. If people see the red light and pause, that’s their problem, and there will be no waiting, as it would detract from the service to the almighty self.

"And then there are the Sheeple -- those that follow whoever appears to be at the pulpit at the moment. If those at the front are benevolent and kind toward their fellow congregants, the Sheeple will be kind as well. But when the front is led by the “me first” group, the Sheeple follow meekly along, leaving the unfortunate behind, not thinking of the days when they were in need of assistance. If the pastor of the day drops back to gather some of the wayward stragglers, the Sheeple will await his return. But if while awaiting the pastor’s return to the flock, an impatient “me firster” rolls on, well, the Sheeple follow him.

"Yea, as it is written in the book of Slim, 'many will listen but few will hear.' While we no doubt will at times have to suffer through riders performing transgressions like those described above, we can still always be thankful for the righteous – those who have heard the Good word, and are willing to hold their line."

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